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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Dallas!

We had a major snowstorm for the Dallas area yesterday and the
remnants of the storm closed most school districts, and kept this
Dallas mom home from work!  I feel like I am child all over again
and it feels great to get some extra time home with my son and

I hope you are all enjoying the weather and are safe and warm.

If you are in the Dallas, area, please let me know how you are enjoying the day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday...

Well, Monday is almost over..whew--I get very depressed on Mondays because I just spent the entire weekend with my husband and son and it makes me so sad to leave them..I wish I could stay home at times just so I could have more "mom time."

I have a terrific job and can't complain but I think that one day, I might like to stay home, if our finances permit. Right now, it is not a good idea since we are in the process of selling our wonderful condo back in NY. I wish we were back "home" but Dallas is warming up a little to me.

How was your Monday? Mine starts out with getting up at 5:00 AM after I stayed up late watching the grammys. My son usually wakes at around 5:30-6 so I rush into the shower and try to dry my hair before he wakes. He starts crying in his crib, and I hurry to make him a bottle. He drinks the bottle while I surf the net..Then I wake my husband up at 7 AM and he takes over so I can leave the house by 7. Whew! It is a tiring morning.

Tell me about yours...if any of you moms are out there! :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday is finally here!!

Well, here in Dallas it is raining this morning....but I am very happy anyway because it is Friday which means the weekend is around the corner and I will have quality time with the husband and my baby boy.

Since we have moved here all it feels like I do is work, sleep, take care of the baby. Someone important in my life asked me the other day: "What did you and your husband do for fun before you had the baby?"

I have been thinking about this since I responded with,"going out to eat, or spending time with our friends." I thought about it and all we really did was go out to eat and shop. We have a tighter budget right now (as most do) and I am trying to think of fun things we can do with my 11 month old. It is still not too warm in Dallas, but I am thinking of a museum, the aquarium? Maybe a museum is not appropriate for my 11 month old but all I know is that we need to do something FUN and different this weekend.

What do you all think? If I were a true Texan, I guess I would say y'all :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday! Weekend is around the corner...

So glad that the middle of the week is here. It is terrible that I countdown to the weekend, but I do, and I often think how I should just enjoy each day that comes to me and feel grateful that I have a healthy and happy son, and wonderful husband.

Are these feelings typical of all moms that work?

Since I have moved to Dallas, I realize how many moms stay at home. At times I wish that was me, and other times, I remember I enjoy my work and am glad to have a break.

What do you think?

Hope to hear from you..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to work, it's Monday..

I don't know about you Moms but Mondays are rough for me. I am completely exhausted from taking care of my son all weekend, doing errands, etc. but also feeling sad that I have to leave him to go to work. Luckily my son is still pretty young and doesn't know what is really going on but I worry about that day....he cries at times when I leave and it just makes me feel awful.

If anyone is reading my blog, let me know how you deal with going to work each Monday morning..I just try to not think about it and remember that I am working to help support my family.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 3-Weekend is here!

The weekend is here and for working moms, I know this is the time you look forward to...because I do as well.

I always have these big plans and ideas and they always fall through :-) My son keeps me busy and the weekend usually flies by. However, I have plans to join this athletic center in town, and my husband has agreed to come and sign up! I think it will be good for us, and I hear there is free 2 hour day care!

Otherwise, I will be hanging out, doing laundry, etc. in preparation for the new work week. Is it me or are we always planning for what's next and never enjoying the day? I need to work on this!

Hey Working Moms--from Dallas, New York, or anywhere--what are your plans this weekend?

Enjoy your time....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fridays for working moms

Before I had my son, I looked forward to Fridays to have dinner with my husband and have time to relax. Now I look forward to getting home as soon as possible to see him before he goes to sleep, relax and go to bed early. The weekend is usually taken up by errands, and little time between me and my husband. We never get out and I feel guilty about this sometimes but I realize it will pass and as he gets older, we will have more time for ourselves.

My question of the day for you working moms is: How has having a baby affected your relationship with your husband over the past year?